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IMU-LS-14: Authenticity & WizIQ (Nellie Deutsch)

To Attend the Webinar!

We thrilled to announce that our next speaker for IMU Webinar Series is Dr. Nellie Deutsch, who is an amazing Educational Technologist and e-Learning Specialist (Founder of IT4ALL). She, is also the Ambassador for WizIQ and an expert on Moodle. At IMU we are using Moodle, and in the process of inspiring more lecturers to use WizIQ, so having her give a webinar to IMU, is simply awesome. 

Yes, this webinar is open to anyone (in the world)! Please attend by simply clicking here (or the icon above) on the 2nd November, 10:00 AM, Kuala Lumpur time (Check Time Differences). No registration is required this time around.   


Title : Authenticity & WizIQ
Date : 2nd November, 2012 
Time : 10:00 AM, Kuala Lumpur (Check Time Differences)
Venue : Online (WizIQ) 

Can we trust the products and people we hear from in online webinars? What makes online communication authentic? Dr. Nellie Deutsch will discuss what it means to be authentic and where we stand when it comes to leading with authenticity in online learning environments such as WizIQ

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is a Canadian e-Learning expert, course designer, presenter, author, and mentor to thousands of educators worldwide. Nellie is passionate about improving learning and promoting teaching as a way to learn. Nellie has a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership specializing in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. She researched instructor experiences with implementing technology in blended learning courses in higher education worldwide.

Nellie provides e-learning and blended learning mentorship to educators, manages a few Moodle websites where she coordinates and facilitates professional development workshops on Moodle for Teachers, Teacher Admin for Moodle, WebQuests and Professional Electronic Portfolios. Nellie founded Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL), a volunteer network of educators from around the globe. Nellie has facilitated/consulted for Open University, Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada & WikiEducator/OER New Zealand. She manages connecting online (CO09-CO13) annual free online conference on WizIQ and is editing the first CO12 book based on chapters by the presenters of the conference. Nellie also coordinates the annual online Moodlemoot (MMVC11-MMVC13). Nellie has edited books on Moodle such as Moodle 2.0 Multimedia Cookbook by Hillar, Mary Cooch and other Moodle books published by Packt Publishers and written chapters in books.

 Also, don't forget to follow her on Twitter, too: @nelliemuller



Here is Dr. Nellie Deutsch's recorded version:

The IMU recorded version will be made available soon :)


Nellie Deutsch said...

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone online and learning about your needs in teaching and learning with WizIQ. Please add your questions here so I can relate to them during the session.

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