Wednesday, November 21

Gamifying Classroom Learning at LIT02!



Let's congratulate Norhayati, her team and Taylor's University for a learning rich and well organized Learning Innovation Talks (LIT) 02! THANK YOU!

Sadly it was a smaller crowd than during LIT 01 (30+ compared to 100+), but interestingly most participants lasted until the end. I think this was due to the fact that we had some awesome speakers around including Mimma and Norhayati from LIC (Learning Innovation Circle).

Personally, I learned a lot, had great fun, and met some interesting new educators with passion to innovate and share (Al-Hamdulilla!).


My self-assessment gives me a C++. This was the first time I gave a 45 minute talk about gamification or gamifying classroom learning, so I still got tremendous room for improvement in gaming it (LOL!). Overall, I really enjoyed the whole learning cycle, especially the researching and preparation part. Here are the slides for you to explore (please don't ignore the awesome URLs on most slides):


A Twitter hashtag '#LIT02' was set up during the Learning Innovation Talks to encourage those who were using Twitter to share their tweets during the event (Forgot to announce it!!!). However, only 3 (awesome people) joined the sharing session using this Twitter hashtag (out of 30+ participants).

So,  if you are interested to recap or discover the most important learning insights I shared during the talks using Twitter, here they are (URLs are clickable):
Twitter Notes - Learning Innovation Talks 02


Timing is important! This time around, most active LICers and even many lecturers from Taylor's University were busy with everything from giving talks, mid-term exams, returning from India to being engrossed in correcting exams according to crazy deadlines.

So, next time I suppose we need to negotiate a LIT time were most can make it, and if agreed must stick to their agreement to participate and speak.

Also, since we are talking about 'INNOVATION TALKS', we need to innovate and explore new alternative frontiers in empowering it to happen. As such, we are considering that that the next LIT or LIT 03 will be fully online some time during APRIL 2013. This will empower us also to invite speakers and have participants from any corner of the world. Better yet, it will be totally free to attend (except for our time), if I get my way.

So, LIT 03 will be organized by IMU and will be fully online (April 2013). Can it go wrong? Of course! But if you don't try to innovate (before making an opinion), you might as well be a chicken!

What do you think?


Jarod Yong said...

I agree with you. You should always go for what you believe in & make a commitment.

Dont give up & keep up the good work! =)

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing just that, Bro!

Frankie Kam said...

Hi Zaid! I am reminded of the "piano stairs" video found at and on youtube. They should set one up in Masjid Jamek to get more Malaysians to exercise by walking up and down the subway stairs, instead of using the escalator. Now is that Gamification or Gaming?