Wednesday, April 24

Learning Innovation Talks 03 (#LIT03)! WOW!


 LEARNING HISTORY is coming to you on the 22nd May! Do you want to be part of it?

Join us for this really exciting upcoming Learning Innovation Talks 3 (LIT 03), which will be FULLY ONLINE.

5 BIG REASONS to attend LIT 03:
  1. FIRST 1-Day Online Seminar held by a University in Malaysia.
  2. Opportunity to connect and engage with AWESOME EDUCATORS.
  3. Learn SIZZLING NEW TRICKS and tips on how to use technology to transform learning.
  4. Exposure to the LATEST TRENDS in e-learning.
  5. Will Get a DIGITAL CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE if you register and attend.
Oops, I forgot to mention that this online seminar is FREE! What are you waiting for?


The 3rd Learning Innovation Talks (LIT) is organized by the International Medical University (IMU). This is the first LIT (history) to be done fully online. And this is totally inline with IMU's 3I's, which are Insight, Imagination and Innovation.

Here is IMU's e-Learning Team masterminding this mission:  


For more details:

Looking forward to YOUR PARTICIPATION! Thanks :)

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