Thursday, December 12

Vote for the Top e-Learning Movers & Shakers in 2013...Listly Style! (Part 1)

Who have been the world's most influential (e-)learning professionals in 2013? 
Please vote for the ones that have influenced and inspired your learning and teaching in 2013. The list includes learning professionals from the corporate, primary, secondary, and tertiary (higher) education sectors (One world, one list!). You are free to vote (up) multiple learning professionals. 

To vote you are required to create an account in Listly (easily using either your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Google+ account).  Listly is fun and a cool curation tool (with voting features), so it is worth the hassle!

Also, if you feel I have missed out on any learning professionals (sure have!), please suggest them in the comments section, or help me to build the list. 

The interesting thing about Listly, is that it empowers a transparent and open voting process in a visually attractive manner. For example, Bob Little's annual top ten e-learning movers and shakers is an example of a closed voting system only for people selected by his research team.

Tools like Listly, make it so easy and transparent for everyone to participate in the voting fun, it is perhaps time for Bob Little's research team to change their strategy. Anyway, unless we have a clear criteria with some proper measures (besides opinions) regarding the e-learning movers and shakers (e.g. social media presence, revenue generated, number of views, people influenced, enrolments, certifications, courseware developed, bla, bla, bla), we might as well make it open for all to participate. Right?  

Here we go, and be a sport by participating with your precious votes :)


Listly is a free service (with a commercial buffed up version) that lets you easily create lists of the things you want and share them with people. It empowers you to collaborate on lists, and anyone can add or vote on your lists. The lists can be shared easily (URL), or embedded into your blog or website.

It is actually an innovate way to social bookmark or curate interesting resources, and empower readers/users to vote on what they like. 

Click here to view videos and tutorials on getting started with Listly.


If you think you deserve to be nominated as a top e-learning mover or shaker in the world, please buzz me or add yourself to this Listly list. More importantly than the popularity test of ranking (by votes), these kind of lists provide great opportunities for people new (and existing for that matter!) to a field, area or topic to discover new learning resources, people and treasures. 

This particular list, provides us with wonderful opportunities to discover (one another), connect, network and collaborate with 100+ awesome educators around the world. So, in that context this Top e-Learning Movers and Shakers in 2013 rocks already :) 

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