Monday, December 8

Designing 21st Century Blended Learning Experiences at the PSTMT Seminar!

Looking forward to Insya-Allah giving a 40 minute (interactive) talk at the Public Sector Trainers Meet Trainers (PSTMT) Seminar held at INTAN Bukit Kiara on the 9th December, 2014. 


In this interactive talk, we will explore how to design interactive and engaging blended learning experiences using various methods and online tools. We will actively look at how we can transform face-to-face (F2F) learning using the ‘Flipped Classroom’ and ‘Gamification’ methods. Then we will explore various interactive web tools to engage learners and develop interactive presentations.


Insya-Allah, I will find enough time to engage the participants using various tools, including juggling. Strangely, I am most worried about not having enough time to achieve my mission to engage the mind. When I was young, giving a 40 minute talk would seem forever. Now, it's like swoosh! That happens, when you are used to giving 1 to 2 day workshops  :)

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