Monday, April 27

My RM 69 Rapid e-Learning Studio!

Welcome to my NEW RM 69 Rapid e-Learning Studio (19 US Dollars) for rapid e-learning content development. 

RM 69

When I saw the Gear Datura S2 (RM 69 or 19 US Dollars) at the IT One Superstore at 1Utama's Old Wing, I felt....WOW! 

If you look at the box cover, it kind of indicates that this is the ultimate leisure and consumption tool, but for me I immediately realized that this is the ultimate rapid content authoring tool (or enabler) that I have been looking for (for years! Though, in my mind passively!), which empowers any smartphone and tablet to be used for rapid video content development in many creative ways. 


The first picture above, illustrates how I have used an iPhone and iPad to create content rapidly (within minutes). I believe that this LOON HOLDER (as it is called!) can empower you to develop awesome learning content on-the-fly within minutes. Of course, it is not appropriate for all kinds of content development, but it is excellent for concepts and ideas that need to be illustrated (chunked step-by-step), and empower us NOT to experience cognitive overload, which for example PowerPoint slides often do (unless the designer knows what to do).

Using an iPad (Air 2) to record:

Using iPhone (5) to record:

This is just two examples on how you can create electrifying animated learning content within minutes using this approach. With your imagination, you can use this approach to create all sorts of learning content rapidly.

Of course, animation tools like VideoScribe and PowToon empower you with a lot more features to create awesome animated stuff. But, if you use the method above, you will be empowered with more flexibility to customise and develop more relevant content on-the-fly rapidly!

Try it out for yourself to find out. Please share your experiences. I am still learning! Stay tuned for the next article (post), which will discuss in more details, how I created the above videos...Insya-Allah :)  

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