Thursday, April 16

Super Memory & Reading Skills Workshop at IMU!

This workshop has now been facilitated for IMU students (16/04/2015) and staff (06/05/2015). I am still learning, but Al-Hamdulilla this is Insya-Allah just a start to unleash and empower everyone to discover the potential in brain power covering everything from focus to creative thinking.

However, this particular workshop focuses only on memory and reading skills. The creative thinking session, will be coming in the next version :)


In this workshop, we will explore various techniques to stimulate and empower the brain and senses to be more focused, remember faster, speed read, and improve the understanding of whatever we are learning. In the process, we will discuss how the brain learns, and how we can apply various focus and memorization techniques to improve our ability to remember through visualization, association and imagination. Then, we will learn how to apply the SQ3R method to enhance our reading skills, and finally we will explore various techniques to speed read. By applying these super memory and reading techniques, we will learn more effectively, and be empowered with more time to focus on achieving our targets and being productive at IMU.


At the end of this workshop, you will  be able to:
  • Discuss how the brain learns;
  • Use at least 2 techniques to optimize your learning senses to improve focus;
  • Use at least 3 techniques to improve your memory;
  • Apply the SQ3R method to enhance your reading skills; and
  • Use at least 3 techniques to increase your reading speed with comprehension.


Here we go:

Yes, Yoda is one of the facilitators :)


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