Monday, May 30

Zero Dollar Learning Recording Studio Explained


..."Zero Dollar Learning Recording Studio" explained:


Last year, I was excited to share the RM 69 Rapid e-Learning Recording Studio.

But since then, I have realized that the idea of needing to purchase something not easily available  (e.g. Loon holder above), to empower something else just complicate things. Also, the biggest challenge of the loon holder is that once you click the recording icon on your mobile recording device, it will cause a shake (minor or big depending on how gently you do it), which is pretty annoying. 

However, over the last few months, I have rediscovered my joy for drawing, and experimenting on how we can use it to become more powerful learners, and to inspire others to learn and think through our drawings.

While exploring how to draw watching YouTube videos, I was surprised to see sometimes small kids sharing the process of drawing something with really good quality video recordings. WOW! How are they doing that? Are they using expensive tripods, headset (or bluetooth) with microphone, special lighting equipment, etc. Well some are, I suppose, but many are not. 

While searching for the answer (on YouTube of course), I was really amazed how creative kids were, when they cannot afford a tripod or other recording studio equipment. They would use whatever they had within their reach to build their own recording studios, including books, boxes, rulers, pencils, and paper holders.  

THES 2016

On Friday 27, I attended an inspiring workshop facilitated by Marc Prensky at Taylor's Holistic Education Symposium 2016 (THES 2016).

During the workshop, he shared a new viral trend (according to him), which are 30-second (learning) video sharing selfies. Here he explains how you can easily do that (recorded during THES 2016): 

WOW! So easy and potentially impactful. I tried recording me drawing Mr. Bean's face with my iPhone. Well, it was not perfect, but I could do it on-the-fly without needing special equipment beyond my iPhone.


On Saturday early morning (28 June), I went inspired into our (now) kids learning room and set up my "Zero Dollar Learning Studio" in less than a minute, just using things that were already there. As they say, the rest is history. 

The key lesson here, is to simplify the process on how we share what we learn or have learned.

So, next time you want to share something to your class or the world, don't let any (so called must have) equipment or tool stop you unnecessarily. 

All the best with your next 30 second (learning) video sharing selfie using your self-designed "Zero Dollar Learning Recording Studio". 

With an open, driven and creative mindset, you can do it no matter what :)

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