Saturday, June 25

4 Learning Innovation Programs 4 You!

Assalamu Alaikum wrt wbt,

Dear All,
Just want to inform that I will be leaving IMU, and from July 2016, I will become a self-employed Learning Innovation Specialist, Insya-Allah. As such, I would like to share some of my plans, and Insya-Allah for those of you who might be interested to collaborate, then let's explore possibilities.
For starters, I am sharing here four ready made training programs that you or your institution might be interested in (pricing can be negotiated). In addition, other programs can be custom made, but that would require a bit more planning and time.

More Talks and workshops from me (since 2007):
However, what I am more excited about is the possibility to work with both academic and corporate organizations to transform them into creative learning organizations. So, if you need an adviser, partner or innovation workshop facilitator in such projects, I am all ears. I cannot promise success, but I can promise you Insya-Allah that you will find a passionate and experienced learning innovation specialist ready to spark change and learning innovation in your institution or company.
Thanks again and looking forward to Insya-Allah collaborate with you in the near future.
Warm regards & Salams,
Zaid Ali Alsagoff
Learning Innovation Specialist

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