Thursday, October 27

Designing Gamified Flipped Learning Experiences at USM

Assalamu Alaikum wrt wbt,

Hi Awesome Educators!

Looking forward to meet you all Insya-Allah at the 'Designing Gamified Flipped Learning Experiences' workshop (at Universiti Sains Malaysia) from 1 to 2 November, 2016. The workshop is organized by USM's  Centre for Development of Academic Excellence & Student Development (CDAE).  

Are you ready?


In this 2-days hands-on workshop, we will explore how we can design gamified flipped learning experiences using various methods and online tools. During the process, we will discover how the brain learns, learning design, flipped classroom, gamification, how to design awesome graphics, and explore various interactive online tools to engage and gamify learning. Participants will be engaged throughout the workshop with learning activities. It will be fun, engaging, and participants will get a taste of how they can use technology to flip, gamify and transform the way they facilitate learning.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to:
  • Discuss how the brain learns;
  • Apply ‘Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction’ to design more engaging learning environments;
  • Apply ‘Flipped Classroom’ and ‘Gamification’ methods to their teaching and learning environments;
  • Use interactive web tools to engage and assess students during face-to-face learning sessions; 
  • Use Social Media to interact and empower students to collaborate online; and
  • Design awesome graphics in PowerPoint.


Please add yourself to this Padlet Wall with the following:
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  • Your passion
  • What you want to learn (1-2 sentences)

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Here we go:


The gamified learning activities will be revealed during the workshop :)

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