Wednesday, February 6

Learning Technologies (250+ Articles!)

"The Learning Technologies conference (30th - 31st January, 2008) is widely regarded as Europe’s foremost organisational learning gathering. As the field of workplace learning and development grows, so does the conference and in January more than 40 speakers (Including Jay Cross, Stephen Downes, Clive Shepherd and Jane Knight) and over 300 delegates will gather to share experiences on organisational learning, and the ever-changing technology used to support it. The theme for the 2008 conference – our ninth – is Driving workforce performance through learning and development, and the conference programme will look at the what, the how, and the why of learning and development today."

Although, these 40 speakers gave free seminars, I am still searching for free access to the related resources (e.g. presentation slides) that were shared during this conference (If you can find it, please share it!). Perhaps they charge for the resources, or they will make it available soon. Or perhaps they will make it available in their online magazine. Am I getting closer?

Yes, that is why I have actually taken time to post something about the Learning Technologies conference here. If you check the 'Articles Archive', you will have access to over 250 FREE articles (as far as I know!) discussing learning and technologies from January 2000 until today (Latest issue: December 2007). To give you a taste of the learning juice you can find in this juicy archive, here are a few articles from the December 2007 Issue:

Hmm, I suppose I will be busy reading, reflecting and learning :)

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