Tuesday, September 23

25 EduBlogs You Simply Don’t Want to Miss!

"And then you take a look at Spaces, there is this great innovation that came out of nowhere. We have the number one blogging site in the world because of the innovation that's there."
- Steve Ballmer

After spending the last year (Since July 2007) blogging about learning and connecting with great edubloggers (and educators), I can't think of another learning tool that has been so enriching in facilitating my own learning and enabling me to make sense of the amazing learning innovations popping up everywhere. Blogging is a wonderful tool to capture and reflect your learning, and share your thoughts and ideas to the world (or whoever is interested).

Since there are more than 112 million blogs (tracked by Technorati) out there, surely we are going to struggle a bit to find juicy educational blogs or EduBlogs (if that is what we are looking for!). However, since I have found a few really juicy ones, why not share them with you in a visually attractive manner? So, if your logical mind is not triggered to explore, perhaps your right (or creative) mind will assist you. If you haven't slammed their blog URLs in your RSS reader already, you might enjoy this final (for now!) link visualized presentation. Nope, this time around no quick links. Let's enjoy my effort to stimulate your learning and connect you to new windows (beyond Microsoft) of learning.

Here 25 EduBlogs that will assist you to keep track of the present and future of learning, teaching, content and technology:

To be honest, I could have easily added another 100 super duper EduBlogs, but I believe these 25 are enough to get you started on a learning journey that will probably connect (Connectivism!) you to a world of learning that perhaps you did not know exist. I suppose some of you are already familiar with most of the ones I have selected. If you have other great EduBlogs to suggest, please feel free to add them in the comment section. I would surely like to discover a few more juicy EduBlogs that can inspire my learning further.

Here are the other four (4) link visualizations again (if you missed any):
Click here to discover the 5-part link visualization series and my other SlideShare presentations in one place.

This link visualization series has basically sucked out approximately 80% of the wonderful learning resources found in my first ebook. So, if you missed it, or don't feel like reading or searching it for juicy learning resources, this 5-part series could do wonders.

On the positive note, I will at last be taking a real holiday to hopefully reflect life and enjoy the remaining days of this wonderful month of Ramadan (fasting month), so I will probably not be blogging for the next 2-3 weeks. In the meantime enjoy the hundreds of learning resources found in this 5-part series, and have fun exploring other EduBlogs :)


Janet Clarey said...

22 men and 3 women? Interested to hear your thoughts on that. I'm at the Brandon Hall Research Innovations in Learning Conference moderating a women blogger's panel.

ZaidLearn said...

Dear Janey Clarey,

Thanks for the great observation :)

Also, I read your post related to it (http://brandon-hall.com/janetclarey/?p=789)

To be honest, when I selected the 25 edubloggers, I didn't consider race, age, gender, religion, etc.

I simply shared 25 EduBloggers that I follow and recommend to others. Or more specifically, educators that I believe have expertise in different areas of learning, which readers could benefit a lot from.

Perhaps, I like to read thoughts be older educators, but that has nothing to with their gender or skin color. It is probably my attraction to what they say, what they have to share, and how they articulate their ideas and thoughts. I suppose their long experience in the field of education (or learning) plays a role of attraction.

However, perhaps the main reason I have not included more women in the list, is that I have yet to discover that many women edubloggers that have attracted my deep attention and learning.

Though, that doesn't mean that they don't exist (surely do!), but I have yet to discover them.

Anyway, no point drawing too many conclusions from one person's list.

Perhaps, more women will be included in my next edublogs collection (if any), but that will not be based on a gender balance, but because I am genuine reader of their work.

If you got what it takes to stimulate my mind to think and continue to explore, I don't care if you are black, white, brown, chicken, blue, or a woman, I am reading your blog :)

Have a great conference, and I will pledge to explore at least one new female edublogger a week (at least for a couple of months!), and let's see how it turns out.

Yes, I can imagine you all are having a blast full of dynamic learning conversations.

Also, I am truly excited that my edublogs presentation is facilitating one conversation over there.

Sometimes you don't need to be present to make a presence :)

Though, I would love to one day be part of this conference.

A hedgehog goal for next year :)

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts :)

Warm Regards,


Lisa Gualtieri said...

Great list - and presentation!

I, too, was curious about the women you included because I am writing a blog post about women in e-learning for the eLearn blog. I was inspired by the recent Forbes Magazine article about the top 100 women - many country presidents and company CEOs.

I'm working on my list still...

If I do a good enough job at my posts I hope the blog appears on your next list.

ZaidLearn said...

Dear Lisa Neal,

Thanks for your feedback and reflections :)

After receiving so many interesting reactions to this edublogs presentation (mostly posted on other blogs!), I am planning to do a bit of serious research or exploration on women edubloggers. And then I will create a visualized list (of 20 women edubloggers) with a funny story to spice it up.

The story is already visualized in my mind, but now I need to explore and discover women edublogs that inspire me to learn (should not be a problem!). And certainly, you are one of them (based on what I have explored).

But first, I am going to enjoy my holiday for another 2 weeks (no blogging, just learning!).

So, hopefully in 3-4 weeks time, we will see a spicy and enjoyable presentation dedicated to the inspiring woman edubloggers that I discover (That is English-writing ones!) :)

Have a great learning weekend and month!

Cheers and Warm Regards,


gminks said...

I'm a woman edublogger! I also blog about corporate education, there don't seem to be lots of us blogging from behind-the-firewall.

Karl Kapp said...


Enjoyed the list and liked the way you put the slide show together very creative.


susan smith nash said...

I love the presentation and the juxtapositions of images and text.

Lists are great points of departure and springboards for productive discussions.


ZaidLearn said...


Thanks for all the feedback here and there (http://brandon-hall.com/janetclarey/?p=789) :)

Just between you and me (can you say that on a blog? Just did!), I just recently discovered your blog. I have seen your name pop-up in presentations before about gaming and simulation (e.g. Second Life), but I never took the time to really explore your blog. If I had, you would have surely been on that male dominated list. I am still learning :)

I have added you to my new blogroll (Delicious is more delicious): http://delicious.com/zaidlearn/Edublogs

Warm Regards,


Unknown said...

Hi Zaid,

I just found your blog while poking around on google and I must say, "great job!"

I am currently in the flux of change and have been contemplating e-learning and the e-learning environment. Although its not completely new to me, I am overwhelmed by the amount of information out there.

I am currently working as an Academic Director at a school in Palestine and have been itching to dive into the world of e-learning. I will be following your blog closely.

Unknown said...

If you got what it takes to stimulate my mind to think and continue to explore, I don't care if you are black, white, brown, chicken, blue, or a woman, I am reading your blog :)
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