Thursday, July 8

#icel5 Learning Stream, Here I Come! Who Cares!

I will be attending the 5th International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL 2010) at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, 12-13 July 2010. No, I won't be presenting any paper or Keynote (I wish!!!), but instead I will be sharing my discoveries, reflections, and ideas during these two, hopefully explosively enriching, inspiring and encapsulating learning days.

Last year, I attended an interesting e-learning conference, and used Twitter to capture my learning notes. It was an awesome and valuable learning experience! Not only did Twitter capture my learning notes, it also enabled me to spiral off to spontaneous and enriching learning conversations with others out there in the Twitter world.

So, I will hopefully be doing the same tweet thing this time around, too. But, wait a minute! Let's make it a bit more interesting...and create a Twitter hashtag for the whole conference (unofficial one!) and invite others to join this intelligent collaborative and connective learning sharing stream. What do you think?

Anyway, whatever you think, I will be learning away using the #icel5 hashtag during this conference.

If you are confused on how to use or follow the #icel5 hashtag, please watch this video tutorial:

Tools mentioned in the video tutorial:


So, if you are there, and going to Twitter your own little twitter learning stream, let's join forces and have some fun with #icel5. Think about it for a second (or a minute)! Imagine, everyone out there (whoever that may be) interested to discover and learn something from this conference, can enjoy at least one inspiring #icel5 learning sharing stream contributed by you and me. I am 99% confirmed, but are you?



Dan Remenyi said...

I dont know how to twitter and one of my objectives in life is not to learn but what a great start to a confeence blob. I love your Mr Bean and the Terminator (is it?). Have a really great conference. Wish I was coming too. Take lots of photos.

Dan Remenyi

ZaidLearn said...

Hi Dan Remenyi,

Thanks for your feedback, and yes I will try to take some interesting photos, too.

However, why use up a life objective to NOT LEARN Twitter?

Interestingly, I was kind of negative to Twitter initially, but then after exploring it, and connecting with a lot of interesting learning professionals I realized that this tool can be a great learning tool.

Also, if you know how to subscribe to (or save) key words you can have a great flow of updated filtered information (or wisdom) from probably +100 million Twitter users.

In short, read about Twitter (for learning e.g. ) and explore how you could use this tool to share, connect and monitor learning trends happening all around the world with a few clicks :) Seriously, it is that easy :)

Have a great day!


Najma's blog said...

Hi Zaid

Thank you sooooo much for the opportunity to see what's happening there... really wish I was there(^_^) Looking forward to all the tweets and learning from them....
Best wishes.