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Exploring OER, MOOCs & The Future of Learning at UUM!

Looking forward to facilitate a 1-day OER and MOOC workshop at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) on the 25th March, 2013. It will be interesting to see how many that actually turn up. I do hope Insya-Allah for a full-house, because this time around I will start by exploring '16 Learning Trends, We Simply CAN'T Ignore!' (for 30 - 45 minutes), before zooming in on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for the rest of the day.

It will also be interesting to discover how UUM is approaching these 16 learning trends, especially OER and MOOCs. Insya-Allah, my 1-day workshop will enlighten participants and trigger new ideas at UUM on how to transform learning and education further.


This 1-day workshop will explore first 16 Learning Trends, before zooming in on Open Educational Resources (OER) and the latest disruptive global learning trend known as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). During the workshop participants will be empowered with tips and methods to find, reuse, remix and create OER. During the hands-on group session, participants will be challenged to conceptualize and create an imaginary MOOC prototype for 100,000+ students. It will be fun, challenging and competitive, and hopefully It will open your mind to a new enriched world of learning for all.


After this workshop, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of  reusing/remixing/creating OER;
  • Select the appropriate Creative Commons license (6 types) for your content development needs;
  • Find OER using a variety of search tools;
  • Identify a variety of web 2.0 and Social Media tools to develop OER with;
  • Discuss the benefits and challenges of MOOCs; 
  • Conceptualize a MOOC strategy for your course/programme/institution.


16 Learning Trends, We Simply CAN'T Ignore! from Zaid Alsagoff

 CLICK HERE to download the PowerPoint version.

CLICK HERE to download the PowerPoint version.


1st Activity:
More will be revealed during the workshop.


 Here is easy access to all the links (URLs) discussed and explored during the workshop:

1. Discovering OER

A) Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER Videos 
Open Courseware (Examples)

2. Creating OER


Let's together explore possibilities :)

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