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#TEMS13 Gamified Scoring Algorithm to Decide the e-Learning Super Hero of 2013! (Part 2)

Voting for #TEMS13 will close on Monday, January 27, 2014.

*TEMS13: Top E-Learning Movers & Shakers in 2013'



The nominees are in the running to win two Mega Awards:

Top e-Learning Mover & Shaker of the Year (2013)  
  • 1st Prize = £100 (British Pounds)
  • Top 3 will get free (commercial) Listly accounts for a year.
  • The nominee with the most votes, wins this special award with bragging rights for one year.
e-Learning Super Hero of the Year (2013) 
  • 1st Prize = £200 (British Pounds)
  • Top 3 will get free (commercial) Listly accounts for a year.
  • The nominee with the highest score (based on the gamified points system revealed below) wins this award, which is the most prestigious of the two awards, because it takes into account who is voting, besides the number of votes. Also, it requires the nominee to show pro-active professionalism and appreciation of the other participating nominees.

Besides that, we will announce the Top 10 for both awards based on the big Continents in the world (North-America, Europe, Asia, Africa and South-America).  

Please join the fun and vote!
  • CLICK HERE to know the reasons for creating this poll (Part 1), and instructions on how to vote (video tutorial).
  • CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Twitter List following all the nominees (using Twitter). 
  • CLICK HERE to view and update the #TEMS13 Padlet Wall, which is where share something positive about the nominees.


CLICK HERE to attend (and for details). When? 12 February (2014): 10:00 PM Kuala Lumpur time!

(The 2 award winners and all the e-Learning Super Heroes nominated will be celebrated before my MOOC talk exploring 'Creative Super Learners'.) 


Let's face it, polling is really a silly way to decide on who was the Super (e-)Learning Hero of 2013. For example, in a professional learning community, would a vote (of appreciation for someone's work) from your Grandmother, or 5-year old son be valued with the same respect as a vote from Stephen Downes? Of course not!  

In general, if you can play the game and be a shameless self-promoter (Been there and done that before...unfortunately!), who wants to win at all cost (of dignity), it is quite easy to get easy votes from friends, students, colleagues, etc. If you are really smart, you could even buy votes to show to the world how great you are. But, I believe none of the nominees in this #TEMS13 list would steep so low for a moment of fame, right?


Well, I still believe that polling can be used to decide the Super (e-)Learning Hero of 2013 in a fairer way. So, here is a gamified scoring algorithm I put together to filter out the wannabes from the real Super (e-)Learning Heroes. What do you think? You are most welcome to suggest improvements, or other scoring items to be included. Please use the comments section below, or tweet your idea using #TEMS13 Twitter hashtag. Thanks!

Here we go:

This is how you check who has voted for who:

Since, Listly has no tool to automate the gamified scoring algorithm proposed, I will have to calculate the scores manually (unless some programming wiz could help me code an automated solution). However, I don't mind doing it to get a fairer and more meaningful result. Though, since I am stuck with a lot of work related activities in January, I will only be able to provide the final results for the 'e-Learning Super Hero of the Year' award on February 12, 2014.

Another way is to set-up a Google Spreadsheet and invite all the Nominees to calculate their own results using the finalized gamified scoring algorithm. If someone is willing to help out with that, or something even more efficient, I am totally open for brilliant ideas!  


Besides being annoyed with all the crappy e-learning related polls out there, the other hidden agenda with initiating the #TEMS13 list was to connect awesome educators around the world from all sectors (primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate sectors).  To cut the story short, we have so much to learn from one another, and in this increasingly disruptive world of learning, we seriously need to communicate and collaborate more to stay relevant.

By looking at the competitive spirit of many of the nominees, I believe #TEMS13 will go seriously viral in the coming weeks. Why? #TEMS13 is clouded with Super (e-)Learning Heroes. And any sane learning professional or educator would want to check out this awesome list, right?     

Here it is:
Top e-Learning Movers & Shakers in 2013
View more lists from Zaid Ali Alsagoff

Have fun discovering some pretty amazing educators in the #TEMS13 list!

So, what does the winner(s) get out of this? Well...
  1. British Pounds
  2. Bragging rights for one year!
  3. Surely their networks will grow.
  4. Admiration from new fans.
  5. More invitations to give talks and/or facilitate workshops.
  6. Etc.
What about a trophy or monetary award (or a digital badge)? Anyone, interested to be or find a sponsor? Or design the digital badge(s) of glory?

Now, is the time for you to show your Super (e-)Learning-hood...Anyone Game on :)


Donald H Taylor said...

Hi Zaid

As you know I like the idea of this list - particularly the openness, the transparency and the fact that it introduces us to colleagues from around the world. (I've written more about this on my blog

I have only one suggestion to make: drop the "anti-gamification" piece. The reason - while some people can and probably will 'game' the system, no algorithm can comprehensively overcome that. It will over-compensate in some areas, and under-compensate in others.

Instead, I would leave the list as it is. The identities of who has voted for whom are open, and people reading the survey can draw their own conclusions from them.

Anyway, thanks for organising this excellent idea and I look forward to seeing the results at the end of this month.

Best wishes


ZaidLearn said...

Dear Don,

Thanks for the awesome and constructive feedback, including the blog post. Yes, I will drop the anti-gamification piece.

It will be an unnecessary headache for me to check and now I can get my family to vote for me, too...LOL!

It will be more fun, too!

Anyway, the rest of the gamification rules will stay and it will be interesting to see who actually becomes the 'e-Learning Super Hero of the Year' (same person or not) :)

Thanks again! Will tweet your article, too...Of course!

All the best!