Wednesday, July 18

12 Steps to Successful E-Learning (By George Eybers)

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"Introducing the concept of life-long learning is a massive undertaking for most organisations. It needs a major shift in culture, requiring commitment, careful implementation and ongoing support to be successful. George Eybers, chairman of Skills2learn, says there are 12 basic steps to ensuring the success of an e-learning implementation."

  1. Secure upper and middle management commitment, support and active participation.
    Form a team of people that represents the whole company.
  2. Install and test software components of the e-learning programme (LMS, EIS, and courseware library).
  3. Employee information (in LMS/EIS) establishes the backbone of the e-learning process management system.
  4. Establish internal e-learning experts in each department.
  5. The CEO should outline the strategic objectives behind the training programme during the launch.
  6. The implementation team must work with department managers to develop local level plans and timetables.
  7. Specific e-learning personnel appraisal objectives are developed and formalised with each employee.
  8. Incentive programmes are developed and publicised to all employees.
    Ongoing monitoring of EIS and LMS information.
  9. Employee feedback.
  10. Management - monitors system key variables (from LMS/EIS) and takes action where indicated to ensure there is ongoing progress.

"Any organisation that follows these 12 steps to a blended learning implementation will increase its return on investment, and realise an edge over its competitors through the improved skills of its staff."

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