Wednesday, July 18

The Four *Gotchas* in LMS Implementation (By Chris Howard)

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  • Gotcha # 1: Where?s the Data? Can you get it? (Define your reports up front & get quality data)
  • Gotcha #2: Extensive Customizations (Risk of Extensive Customizations such as 1. Lengthens the implementation by months or more, 2. Often costs more than they are really worth in terms of business value 3. Makes upgrading difficult if not impossible without "re-doing" the work).
  • Gotcha #3: Lengthy Projects (The most effective way to deliver value from your investment is to get the system up and running as soon as possible)
  • Gotcha #4: Conflicting Requirements (Pleasing Everyone Pleases No One).

"Producing a clear project plan and ensuring tight control of the requirements will help you avoid most, if not all, of these issues."

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