Monday, July 23

6 free e-Learning Tools from University of British Columbia

Link to e-learning tools
"The six (6) e-learning tools listed below are publicly available for academic use, within and outside the Univesity of British Columbia. Periodically Arts IS will release new tools to this site, so it is worth putting this site in your favorites . You are invited to explore these exciting new learning tools, and make free use of the learning objects they generate for educational or research purposes.

The actual source code of all tools listed is NOT currently available, but will soon be made available under the Open Source Initiative Foundation's GPL license."
Comment:Thumbs up for Univesity of British Columbia ! More Universities or Colleges should go this way, and by doing so, educational institutions (especially the financially weak) around the world can enjoy a whole list of free tools to get their e-learning going, without being stuck with often overwhelming cost, besides skills shortage. If we work together, we can certainly do fantastic things together!

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