Monday, July 23

Game-Based Learning (The 21st Century Learning Appoach)

Link to article (Game-Based Learning: How to Delight and Instruct in the 21st Century, By Joel Foreman)
"Herein lies a moral about how videogames are influencing higher education. To learn more about videogames in academe, Joel Foreman sought out the insights of five leading-edge thinkers in the field: James Paul Gee, J. C. Herz, Randy Hinrichs, Marc Prensky, and Ben Sawyer. All five had traveled to San Jose, California, in March 2004 for the Serious Games Summit at the annual Game Developers Conference. They discussed the following six topics:
  • The dysfunctions of conventional instruction
  • The power of simulations
  • The importance of game-based learning communities
  • The reasons videogames promise a better learning future
  • The changes necessary for the new paradigm to take hold
  • The practical steps that colleges/universities and influential academics can take to move institutions down the trail blazed by USC and others.

He spoke with each of the five individually, culled their comments from several hours of recordings, and then combined the comments to simulate the continuity and interaction of a group discussion. He has also asserted some editorial license to eliminate the infelicities and redundancies of speech."

If you are interested in understanding the future of education in 21st century, and how game-based learning might influence it, this article or opinions by these five (5) experts, is certainly something you should read and digest !

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