Wednesday, July 18

701 e-Learning tips (Free digital book By Masie Center)

Link to 701 e-learning tips
"Thanks to The MASIE Center?s TRENDS readers and e-Learning Consortium Members, over 1000 e-Learning tips were received, analyzed, and categorized. These tips are from senior managers and training professionals from major corporations around the world. We have edited and compiled 141 pages and 14 chapters covering the ABC?s of getting started to global implementation strategies. We hope you enjoy this free digital book !"

Great! The complete book is a bit heavy (13.3 mb, PDF). However, the wait is worth every second, even on a dial-up. Masie Elliott is a knowledge sharing genius. He must surely give Brandon Hall and Bersin a real headache. With this, you have a enough e-learning tips to ponder upon for the next couple of months. Print out page 138, which has Elliott Masie's 12 Personal e-learning tips, and read them 12 times .

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