Wednesday, July 18

Lessons Learned from Students? use of an Online Learning Environment

Link to article (by N. Beasley)
"This article highlights the lessons learned from recent research into the use made of an online learning environment by workplace-based students...
(Lessons Learned) The students, being workplace-based, often found that they had distinct blocks of free time to spend studying and said that if the materials were structured into timed units, more effective workplace study could be facilitated. Although the idea of tightly timed units is counter to the idea of self-paced, needs-based learning, on a practical level it may be beneficial to students trying to fit study into their working days. Although the students appreciated the activities provided, they stated that they would have preferred more of them, and more interactivity within them.

The evaluation indicated that if more use were made of visual, interactive elements, which would not be possible in the printed version, students would be more likely to use the web for other parts of the course as well, making more use of hyperlinks and the non-linear structure. A more explicit integration of activities and content would ensure that students studying using the activities view felt reassured that they were covering all the desired content. It is also key to provide students with explicit instructions on how to study effectively using the online learning environment and the activities within it."

Also, students liked the flexibility of the printed materials, which enabled them to study anywhere, and the ability to annotate the printed materials. Interesting article! There are several interesting lessons to be learned here .

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