Monday, July 23

From E-Learning Failure to E-Learning Redemption (By Ed Mayberry)

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"E-learning redemption is the process of fixing failed e-learning products, which often represent a financial sinkhole for a company, with numerous resources and thousands of dollars thrown at a project but little or nothing to show for the effort.
Although challenging, situations of e-learning redemption offer opportunities for you to draw upon and expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities. If you're tasked with renovating a poor product, you should have:

  • efficient and effective needs assessment skills
  • knowledge of instructional design principles for e-learning environments
  • a clear understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the development tool and delivery media.

Typical symptoms of bad e-learning courses include poor navigation structure; inappropriate graphics, animation, and interaction; content that lacks chunking; and buried or hidden content."

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