Monday, July 23

Learning Objects: A Practical Definition (By Rory McGreal)

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"Learning objects make it unnecessary to have thousands of iterations of the same teaching point. Metadata makes it possible to select and integrate relevant learning experiences from a relatively small library of learning objects. Reusable learning objects permit lessons to be generated and customized for specific groups or even for individuals. Extensive research and development has led to a vocabulary of specialized terms to define learning objects. Rory McGreal provides a rationale to relate variations in terminology into a single practical definition of Learning Objects.

"(Conclusion) As course developers gain experience and as the number of online resources grows, the importance and necessity of LOs and the metadata standards that support them becomes more apparent. Efficient learning using the ever-expanding multimedia resources of the Internet will require the creation of LOs and the metadata to describe them. From anything and everything to specific digital learning resources, the future of learning is inextricably linked to the development of quality LOs."

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