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Identifying and Developing Learner-Centered Practices (LCP)

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"(The goal is to help you) Develop a set of example practices that deliberately reflect the LCP (Learner-Centered Practices) and illustrate the new roles that faculty and students would need to play:
Are there certain learner-centered principles that are more important than others when deciding what practices and technologies a campus should implement?
Are there any principles and practices that apply to one type of institution and not to another?
To one discipline but not others?
What institutional cultural forces are at work that might influence the adoption of these kinds of practices?"
This great resource includes four PDF files, which cover the following areas:

1. Learner-Centered Principles

  • Active Learning
  • Social Learning
  • Contextual Learning
  • Engaged Learning
  • Personalized Learning

2. Potential Learning Activities

  • Brainstorming
  • Case Study
  • Debate
  • Experiment
  • Field Trip
  • Panel Discussion
  • Etc (Many more interesting activities).

Learner & Instructor Roles

  • Learner: Apprentice, Case Study Worker, Independent Researcher, Peer Mentor, Publisher/ Broadcaster, etc.
  • Instructor: Consultant, Guide, Learner, Architect, Designer, etc.


  • Briefly describe the practice or scenario:
  • Which learner-centered principles does it reflect?
  • What roles do the faculty and students play
  • Which technologies might support or enable this practice?

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Excellent! 6 1/2 Thumbs up ! This resource could help any lecturer, facilitator, or instructor to enhance their classes and interactions with students in a more engaging, relevant, enjoyable and meaningful way. As the content is brief (in this resource) and mostly in table format, you should not find it hard to read or digest.

A few minutes with this resource, can perhaps make a positive impact on giving you more ideas on engaging students in a stimulating, social and active learning environment.

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