Monday, July 23

SkillCity - Communication Skills Needed by Professionals

Link to SkillCity
"Materials to help you teach university students the communication skills needed by professionals"
"SkillCity is a web site devoted to the dissemination of teaching materials on teamwork, groupwork, presentation skills, writing development, and the range of professional communication skills for university students.

Research indicates that communication skills are the abilities that employers desire most (This is also the case in Malaysia ). The Australian government is funding this project in recognition of the need for development of students' communication skills to be incorporated consciously into the teaching of more lecturers.
The SkillCity web site is part of a process to help lecturers rapidly access handouts, assignment guidelines, and plans for class activities. Flexible delivery of needed materials and approaches, peer reviews of such materials, and a support network of lecturers are key elements in assisting lecturers to develop new methods of teaching communication skills to their students."
This is a great project and resource site for materials on communication skills (needed by professionals), which is surely needed in Malaysia. If I am not mistaken, I read somewhere that good communication skills is the number one valued criteria (in addition to attitude and basic IT skills) employers evaluate before hiring new staff!
Then again, we ALL need to improve our communication skills, so we might find some interesting and valuable resources here, whether we are a student or an educator. Yup, got to give this site a 5 1/2 Thumbs Up! If you want, you can also participate in enhancing this unique resource library (SkillCity) with your materials ("Submit Materials").
SkillCity is still being continously furnished with new materials, so they have certainly done something right! Well Done!

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