Wednesday, July 18

Learning From Disappointment: When Learning Solutions Fail to Deliver

Link to article (By Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D.)
"More than 500 impact studies have been conducted or reviewed. Some studies show positive results; others are not so positive?often yielding negative returns on investment. Along the way, we have observed repeat patterns of issues that inhibit or enhance results. In every impact study, the major barriers, obstacles and inhibitors to the transfer of learning are always collected, revealing the impediments to success for a particular program. Even when the program is successful, issues are identified that prevent more impressive results."
Below is a list of the ten (10) top reasons why learning and development has often failed (from the most significant to least significant).

  1. Lack of Alignment With Business Needs
  2. Failure to Recognize Non-Learning Solutions
  3. Failure to Prepare the Environment for Transfer of Learning
  4. Lack of Management Reinforcement and Support
  5. Inadequate Objectives
  6. The Solution Is Too Expensive
  7. Regarding Learning as an Event
  8. Participants Are Not Held Accountable
  9. Lack of Commitment and Involvement From Executives
  10. Failure to Provide Feedback and Use Information About Results"

(Conclusion) These 10 issues may be familiar, as they represent critical issues that must be addressed if learning is to live up to expectations and generate appropriate returns for the investment...Results-based learning is a process that must be practiced if learning is to be successful and respected in organizations."

This article is very useful and should be a must for any organization or educational institution thinking about changing or acquiring a new learning solution.

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