Wednesday, July 18

The Basics of PowerPoint (By Amy Gaimaro)

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"The purpose of any good presentation is to communicate your subject matter to ensure that your students understand the information being presented to them... I have listed some helpful hints for teachers to remember when creating PowerPoint presentations:

  • Focus on your content. Write the text of your presentation, and then focus on special effects.
  • Use sound sparingly. Using too much sound is distracting and annoying.
  • Limit the amount of clip art on each slide.
  • Limit the amount of animated clips lest your audience be so impressed with the clips that they lose the content of your presentation.
  • Pick a format and stick to it. Although PowerPoint offers many types of designs, don't change from one to the other - try to be consistent.
  • Use no more than four to seven lines of text per slide. More makes it difficult for your students to grasp the information. If necessary split up the slide into two slides.
  • Control the entrance of all your text. This allows full control over when your students will view the text.
  • Be prepared with speaker notes. Do not read word-for-word from a slide. "

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