Monday, July 23

Nine (9) Rules for Good Technology

Link to article (By Stephen Downes)
"What distinguishes a good technology from a bad technology? The following nine characteristics define the former. A technology that has more of these features (Checklist below) is, in general, better than a technology which has fewer of them.
Good Technology:
  1. Is always available.
  2. Is always on.
  3. Is always connected.
  4. Is standardized.
  5. Is simple.
  6. Does not require parts.
  7. Is personalized.
  8. Is modular.
  9. Does what you want it to do.

It is important to remember that no technology is perfect. No technology will satisfy all nine rules. However, some technologies will satisfy more rules than others, and some technologies will even break a rule or two and still be very good technologies (if only because no better alternative is available)..."
(So if you are creating some form of technology you should perhaps keep these nine characteristics in mind.)

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