Monday, July 23

Encouraging Interaction in Online Classes

Link to article (By Brent Muirhead)
"...Instructional strategies and insights which can promote interaction and authentic educational online experiences:

  • Promote Critical Thinking
  • (Be) Relevant and Engaging Lectures
  • Biographical Posts (instructor and students share biographical posts)
  • Positive Affirmation of Student Work
  • Integrate Stories into the Class Discussions
    Provide Students with Flexibility

...The wise instructor will offer emotional support at times and there will be other moments when students will need an intellectual challenge. Garrison and Anderson (2003) recommend establishing the following online presence:

  • a feeling of trust and being welcomed
  • a sense of belonging to a critical community
  • a sense of control; a sense of accomplishment
  • a willingness to engage in discourse
  • a conversational tone; and a questioning attitude."

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