Monday, July 23

Online Debate: Combining Traditional Strategy and Online Technology

Link to article (By Shawn M. Love)
"Dr. Love attempts to replicate a successful face-to-face model, a debate, in cyberspace. His class experienced technical and communication difficulties that influenced the time required and student motivation. The lessons learned were two-fold:

  1. Students understood the complexities of exclusive electronic and online communications in a group context.
  2. Students discovered that traditional methods of debate are complicated when the constructs are originally designed for a completely separate communication method.

The online debate was effective because it produced spirited and valid arguments, but inefficient in its use of time. This aspect can certainly translate into the academic and instructional design of distance learning and online course design. As instructional designers develop online courses, they must understand the complexities of online environments when incorporating traditional instruction. Instructional designers should consider the attributes of technology and media in the context of synchronous and asynchronous environments..."

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