Monday, July 23

Top Ten Tips for implementing e-Learning (by Jane Knight)

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"e-Learning is a powerful tool which can achieve some remarkable business (and educatioal) results. If you keep in mind these ten tips (below) then you will be well on the road to implementing e-learning successfully in your business.
  1. E-learning is more than just e-training
  2. 'Quick and dirty' works
  3. Communication and collaboration are the key
  4. The magic is in the mix (Blended learning)
  5. Learning should be driven by the needs of the individual
  6. If you build it, they won't necessarily use it
  7. E-learning needs to be tailored to the organisation
  8. E-learning is a business solution
  9. Coordinate your e-learning efforts
  10. Just do it!"

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