Thursday, August 23

Free Books about E-Learning (Jane Knight)

Jane Knight's Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies site has a great webpage on a growing list of free books and free chapters from printed books about e-learning. Currently, you can find the following free e-books there (Check the URL above for the latest update):
  1. Informal Learning (Chapter 1 only) - Jay Cross
  2. Cappuccino U - Jerome Martin
  3. Knowing Knowledge - George Siemens
  4. Educating the Net Generation- Educause eBook edited by Diana Oblinger
  5. E-Learning Concepts & Techniques Book- Collaborative e-book project by Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania's Department of Instructional Technology students and guest authors

WOW! Thanks to Jane Knight we have access to a tremendous list of excellent free e-books (or chapters) where we can learn more about e-learning, online facilitation, the net generation, LM(C)S implementation, and much more. Also, we should actually show great appreciation to all the authors that have contributed to the free education and content movement.

Yes, this is certainly a yummy, delicious and crispy free e-book collection for anyone interested in e-learning :)


faisalb said...

wawo really great books. Thanks zaid for posting this article in your blog.

Clayton R. Wright said...

Just checking, but I think items 4 and 5 refer to the same item regarding free online information.

Unknown said...

Dear Clay,

Thanks for your observation and feedback :)

The URL provided for "Guide to Online Education -" was actually wrong (duplicated!), and I have updated it now. Correct URL:

Thanks again and Cheers!