Friday, August 3

Level 5 Leadership (By Jim Collins)

Do you want to know what makes a great leader? How to become a great company? What are the ingredients of a great company? What kind of characteristics do great leaders have? How do good companies become great? Etc. This site provides bundles of knowledge in this area. Also, you can download audio Q&A files (Lecture Hall) covering everything from characteristics of a great leader to the hedgehog concept. Visit the site! Study the resources! And importantly try to learn from all the research and ideas that Jim Collins has shared through this site (Eventually perhaps buy some of his books, such as "Good to Great"). You want to be a great leader or create (or transform to) a great company? This wonderful resource might just provide some useful guidance. For example, I have downloaded all the freely available audio files (approx. 4 hours), and enjoy listening to Jim Collins while driving to work (Suddenly traffic jams have become great learning experiences).

"Learning is easy and fun, if you really want to learn!" (hmm did I really say that!)

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