Monday, August 6

Top-Ten Teaching and Learning Issues (2007)

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Authors: John P. Campbell, Diana G. Oblinger, and Colleagues

"Creating a culture of evidence tops the list of important issues as the academic technology profession moves to an “Instruction 2.0” world...EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee for Teaching and Learning (ACTL) have identified the following 10 important teaching and learning issues (2007):

  1. Establishing and supporting a culture of evidence
  2. Demonstrating improvement of learning
  3. Translating learning research into practice
  4. Selecting appropriate models and strategies for e-learning
  5. Providing tools to meet growing student expectations
  6. Providing professional development and support to new audiences
  7. Sharing content, applications, and application development
  8. Protecting institutional data
  9. Addressing emerging ethical challenges
  10. Understanding the evolving role of academic technologists"

There is little doubt that technology can play an important role in facilitating the teaching and learning process, but it can also cause mental havoc to the educators and students on the way. In short, show me the evidence of learning outcomes (or improvement) and you will get the support. Easier said than done :)

"If it ain't fixed, don't be afraid to explore new ways!" I suppose that sums up the current state of higher education around the world :)

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