Wednesday, September 5

Annenberg Broadband Media Resources (A Pot-of-Gold for Teachers)

Teacher Resources:
Annenberg Channel:
Students Interactivity:

"Annenberg Media is a unit of The Annenberg Foundation. Our mission is to advance excellent teaching in all disciplines throughout American K-12 schools. Former names of Annenberg Media are: Annenberg/CPB, The Annenberg/CPB Project, and The Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project. We pursue this mission by funding and broadly distributing multimedia resources for teachers to help them improve their own teaching practice and understanding of their subject. Annenberg Media makes use of telecommunications technologies—the Internet, including broadband video streaming, and satellite television broadcast—as well as hard copy media to disseminate these multimedia resources, ensuring that they reach as many teachers as possible..."

Streaming Juice?
Annenberg Media is another great resource discovered from Joseph's Hart Blog (When he posts, the juice flows! No wonder his RSS is to be found on so many sites!). First, if you are using a dial-up connection you are probably going to be frustrated (Buffering galore!). However, if you have broadband and you are a passionate teacher about learning, this resource is simply a Pot-of-Gold (of streaming videos). Though, to access the resources you have to register (Free!). Joseph Hart says, "The Teacher Resources are organized by discipline and age group and are searchable with key words. Some examples include "A World of Art," "The Constitution," "Human Geography," "In Search of the Novel," and "Seasons of Life." Although the materials are directed at teachers for use as supplements to classes, they will also be useful for students and adult learners (Check URLs above)."

After exploring this Pot-of-Gold for a couple of days, here are a few juicy resources (with streaming videos. Though, one cannot download! Hopefully, they will enable this soon improving free accessibility beyond broadband) that any passionate teacher would get excited about:

These examples above are just a few of the wonderful teaching resources you can find on this site, which any passionate teacher would go 'GaGa!' over. Welcome to 'The Cult of the Professional' :)

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