Tuesday, October 30

99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools, and Tips (Eric Hebert)

"If you're looking for a comprehensive list of mind mapping-related links, then look no farther than Eric Hebert's new article, 99 Mind Mapping Resources, Tools and Tips, which does a great job of summarizing the relevant software programs, news pages, resource sites, mind map examples, articles, blogs, books, e-books and more. Wow!" (Source)

Eric Hebert (Other juicy articles by him)

WOW! If you feel overwhelmed by all these 99 juicy links! Here is an extracted mashup of a few free gems from Eric Hebert's collection perhaps worth exploring first:"
  • Free Software
    Free Mind - the premier java-based mind mapping software known for its quick, one-click "fold/unfold" and "follow link" operations.
  • Resources
    Mindmapping.org - the most complete resource for mind mapping software on the internet, covering most freeware, open-source, and proprietary software.
    Mindtools - lots of articles and resources to develop excellent skills for an excellent career.
  • Examples
    Mind map template - a blank map to help get you started on your first ever mind map
    Tony Buzan mind map - a great map discussing the ins and outs of a specific book from the man himself, Tony Buzan.
  • Articles
    Mind mapping in 8 easy steps - the Innovation Networks quick-start guide to mind mapping.
    Comparison of mind mapping applications - check out the pros, cons, and differences of the top freeware mind mapping programs.
  • Blogs
    The Mind mapping software weblog - designed to provide businesspeople with a focused collection of resources related to visual mapping.
  • People
    Tony Buzan - Wikipedia bio of one of the biggest names and promoters of mind mapping and mental literacy.
    Dr. Allan Collins - the history and sometimes controversy surrounding the man who created mind mapping.
  • Videos
    Tony Buzan on Mind mapping - Five minute video discussing how to maximize the power of your brain.
    Mind mapping for your business - A power-point video on mind mapping; have a can of Red Bull before watching! "

This resource alone got me really excited, but then I dug further into the College Degree Library (Only articles by Eric Hebert?) and discovered a bunch of other interesting articles including:

WOW! Eric Hebert has published some really juicy articles, which I suppose I need to mindmap into my memory (Favorites!). Hmm, I think I will start the mindmapping adventure exploring the hottest, smartest, most talked about College Professors. I wonder why 55? What is the selection criteria used? Whatever! Have fun learning more about mindmapping and hot Professors :)


Anonymous said...

There is a mind-mapping focused search engine at http://www.mindmapsearch.org - if you do a search you will rarely get any results that do not relate to mind mapping.

Anyone who likes Eric Hebert's great '99' list will find MindMapSearch useful as well.

The master list of mind mapping &
information management software

evolvor said...

Hey thanks for the shout out! Juicy!