Wednesday, October 31

Razor-sharp Mind Mapping Search (Vic Gee)

WHAT? is an offshoot of, the master list of mind mapping software. This Google Co-op search engine was built to give you a place to go for razor sharp results in your search for all things mind mapping.

Vic Gee

To ensure razor sharp search quality and relevant results, Vic Gee and other contributors have assembled a list of all the best mind mapping sites on the web (179 sites!).

"There are two types of sites included in this list: Sites that are mainly about mind mapping; and sites that have some valuable items on mind mapping, but are not primarily about this topic.

The bold-lettered heading of each entry is a hyperlink to the main page of the site it refers to. That's followed by a brief description of the site. Then there is another link - or sometimes several links - in light green. If the site is all about mind mapping, both the heading and the subsidiary links will point to the front page. If the site covers other topics, the second link will point to the pages about mind mapping.

The sites are divided into categories, like productivity, education, information management and mindmappers' blogs. You can see all entries under a category by clicking it in the right hand column. Sites may appear in more than one category (Source)."

Currently, 179 juicy mind mapping sites are included in the search, which I predict will of course continue to grow. So, if you are looking for anything regarding or related to mind mapping, I suppose you have found a great starting point. Stephen Downes what do you think? :)

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