Thursday, October 18

Mango - Free Language Learning!

It claims to be the first FREE enterprise language learning course available on the Internet. Eleven of their courses are now available in their beta release (I suppose you will experience some bugs): Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, English for Spanish Speakers and English for Polish Spearkers.

Each course has 100 lessons available.

Jason Teshuba

Have fun learning a new language exploring Mango's dynamic Flash-based audio tutorials :)


MangoLanguages said...

Thanks for the post Zaid. I read your profile and it seems like you really are understand education and e-learning. Maybe we can work together some day. --Jason

Unknown said...

Dear Jason,

Yes, maybe we can work together someday. That would be cool!

In the meantime I wish you and your team the best with Mango Languages, and hopefully I can learn a bit French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in the near future :)

Warm Regards,