Thursday, October 18

ALISON - Free Interactive Workplace Skills Courseware!

ALISON claims to be the world's leading free online learning resource for basic and essential workplace skills.

The mission of ALISON is to enable anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive self-paced multimedia. It is their belief that through ALISON, the cost of access to high quality education can be removed... They also believe that article 26 of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states "Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free ..." (read in full) will through ALISON become a reality.

ALISON provides high-quality, engaging, interactive multimedia courseware for certification and standards-based learning. All courses on ALISON are accessible for free to individual learners.

The following free courses are currently available:
  • Touch Typing Skills
    A professional typing tutor that helps you to increase your typing speed and accuracy.
  • European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
    Is the world's largest end-user computer skills certification programme, with more than 6 million candidates in 146 countries (Known as the ICDL outside Europe).
  • British Computer Society (BCS) Unit E
    Is designed to give a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of computer use for candidates wishing to gain a qualification.
  • Financial Literacy
    It contains seven modules of interactive multimedia learning regarding personal financial management.
  • e-Citizen
    Is a new programme for everyone who wants to use the Internet for work, social participation and life.

Great! Though, to enjoy these interactive courseware you would need to register and will be asked to answer questions about your background and interests, so that they can provide you with targeted advertising links alongside your courseware.

If you don't mind registering to learn, and having targeted advertising probably distracting you (a bit!) from the learning process, then this is a valuable resource worth exploring further :)


Alison Global Learning Experience said...


Note that advertising is everywhere in todays marketing age and learners on ALISON do not have to complete a full questionnaire if they do not wish.

By displaying advertising this covers the costs associated with providing this learning for free.

Who else is providing this service?

Unknown said...

Dear Mike Feerick or ALISON,

Thanks for your feedback! Highly appreciated!

Yeah, I can tell you I will especially be recommending more educators to do the "Touch Typing Skills" course, as I have discovered that many of them (or us) lack this basic skill, which is one of the requirments to really enjoy learning and interacting online (until the keyboard is not the main input device) :)

Thanks again and hopefully ALISON continue to offer free and new workplace skills courses as they can benefit many out there :)

Yep, if you can make a healthy income (or cover cost) helping people out there to learn workplace skills, why not?

Warm Regards,