Friday, October 19

Top 25 Reference Sites + Juice Galore (OEDb)

OEDb, the Online Education Database offers comprehensive reviews of online colleges and degree programs. Unlike other online education directories, their database only lists accredited online colleges so one can be sure that these degrees will be respected by potential employers. They also have a library of articles that covers the basic topics of attending an online university.

In this post, I am not going to focus on OEDb's online college, degree or master degree programs, but instead I am going to zoom in on their amazing collection of articles discussing hundreds of excellent online resources to facilitate our learning, starting with the...

In ranking the top reference Web sites, their goal was to show — using objective data from reliable sources — which sites are the most popular, according to visitor traffic and site backlinks. To this end, they used data from these four metrics to calculate the rankings: Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Technorati Link Count and Compete People Count.

Here is the TOP 10 (Top 25 list):
  1. Wikipedia
  3. HowStuffWorks
  4. Encyclopaedia Britannica
  5. Infoplease
  6. Everything2
  7. Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
  9. wiseGEEK
  10. The Straight Dope
Interestingly, Oxford Reference Online is ranked only 22nd. To fully understand the methodology used and explore the raw data, please refer to the article.

Yes, this article alone got me really excited, but then I discovered more amazing articles from OEDb's yummy library. Here are is a juicy list of some of those articles that will keep me busy (and perhaps you) in the coming days and weeks:
Ouch! If you love education and learning (and willing to explore!), these wonderful articles (whether accurate or not!) are going to link you to an amazing bunch of quality online learning resources. In short, a gold mine waiting for us (more time to discover, less time to search!)! Have fun learning during the weekend and beyond :)

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