Friday, October 19

Hip-Hop Dance and a Little Magic (Kenichi Ebina)

A self-taught dancer combining freestyle hip-hop with mime and contemporary dance, Kenichi Ebina incorporates visual illusion into his performances, making the impossible seem real. His agile, athletic and razor-sharp moves push the limits of human capability. Each of his performances is a mini-drama that draws from kinetic and thematic inspiration to tell a story that is laugh-out-loud funny ...more

In this video, Kenichi Ebina appears to defy the limits imposed by the human skeleton. He combines breakdancing and hip-hop with mime using movements that are simultaneously precise and fluid. Just watch it to believe it:

It hurts even watching this guy perform! Hmm, then I watched his Robocop525 performance (video), and I got to admit this guy is not only extremely gifted, he is amazingly funny, too. Yeah, if he could also sing, I am pretty sure he could become the Asian version of Michael Jackson. Then again with the assistance of today's technologies anyone can sing (Don't need to mention names! ) :)

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