Monday, November 5

Edublogs and The Magic Button!

Edublogs (powered by WordPress) began its adventure on the 31st of July 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. Since then it has grown to host tens of thousands of blogs (+103,000 blogs and growing!), provide an enterprise blogging solution for schools and other educational institutions and continue to develop and support what they hope is the best blogging platform and community for educators, anywhere. In addition, they have plans to provide other educational tools in the future.

  • Contemporary, Customisable Themes
  • Spell-check, Previews, Autosave, Words, Photos, Podcasts, Videos, etc.
  • Import from Other Blogging Sites – or export back to them
  • Great Support and Community
  • Powerful Spam Fighting Tools
  • And much more...
Edublogs is not only a great learning tool, it also connects you to a worldwide community of educators (and students). So, if you are thinking about blogging and want to do it within a community of educators, this is certainly an online space worth exploring further. Alright, you might be interested in joining, but what about your existing blog(s). Interestingly, Edublogs provides you with a MAGIC BUTTON, which enables you to import posts and comments from other blogging tools such as Blogger, Blogware, LiveJournal, etc. If you don't believe me, you can view my blog, ZaidLearn imported to Edublogs using the magic button (apparently you can export, too!).

Although, I like the fact that I can import all my stuff from Blogger with one click (The Magic Button!), I don’t like the fact that all my graphics, colouring and formatting are all messed up (or more messed up than previously!). Though, if you only post text and don't play around too much with the text, you have nothing to worry about (I am sure the dynamic development team will fix this bug soon!). In short, if you have made up your mind to join the Edublogs revolution, you will not need to start all over again, and can easily import your previous blogging stuff.

Also, I like the fact that all posts are automatically spell-checked! In addition, there many other features that is unique and exciting about Edublogs including the Forums, Blogs of the hour, and hot topics in the edublogs universe (dynamic meta-tags!).

However, for now I will continue to use Blogger as my main blogging tool, but you never know in the future, especially if they keep on adding new engaging and user-friendly learning tools and features (to connect and interact with the amazing growing community of educators and students!). In the mean time, I will stick to my Blogger habit, and use the 'Magic Button' once a while to keep my Edublogs world alive and kicking :)

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Anonymous said...

Great resource! Many thanks for creating it. Keep going that way.