Wednesday, January 9

e-Learning in Malaysia (My New Blog)

I just want to share with those that read this blog (or bump into it!) that I have started a new blog today (January 9th, 2008) entitled 'e-Learning in Malaysia'. It is kind of empty right now (except for a few interesting links and posts), but as I learn over the coming months (and perhaps years), I believe it will evolve into a useful blog to find e-learning related things going on in Malaysia.

I hope this blog will eventually evolve into a good starting point to discover e-learning things going on in Malaysia (that is accessible to the public). My new learning adventure (in addition to ZaidLearn) will try to mash-up the juiciest e-learning stories going on in Malaysia (past, present, future), including:

  • Higher Education (Universities & Colleges)
  • Schools (Primary & Secondary)
  • Corporate Learning
  • Communities
  • Projects
  • Solution Providers
  • Research Papers & Articles
  • People
  • Conferences
  • Blogs
  • Etc.

In short, the main goal for setting up this blog, is to discover, learn, share, discuss, network, and reflect about e-learning in Malaysia. Click here to read the full story behind this blog.

It will continue, too (speed posting the learning juice!)!

'ZaidLearn' will continue to explore the world of FREE learning tools and resources, while 'e-Learning in Malaysia' will ZOOM in on e-learning adventures going on in Malaysia.

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