Friday, January 11

Wikia Search (Will Challenge Google Search Soon?)

"Wikia is working to develop and popularize a freely licensed (open source) search engine. What you see here is our first alpha release. We are aware that the quality of the search results is low. Wikia's search engine concept is that of trusted user feedback from a community of users acting together in an open, transparent, public way. Of course, before we start, we have no user feedback data. So the results are pretty bad. But we expect them to improve rapidly in coming weeks, so please bookmark the site and return often.

Right now, the most important thing you can do is help with the "miniarticles" that appear at the top of popular search terms ...more (and watch Jimmy Wales reflect this project)"

Facebook is already challenging Google's potential online advertising revenue, and soon Wikia might even challenge them on their core function; the mother of all tools, 'Search' itself. While we thought that Yahoo and MSN were the main 'Search' competitors, Wikia Search might become the innovation that changes the playing (or learning) field (Especially, when searching for educational content). Is Google Search as good as its' brand would suggest, and ready to take on the challenge(s)?

Wikia Search's look-and-feel is pleasant and the search results are alright. But then again I am not an expert in this area, so please search for real expert reviews on Wikia Search (in Google for now!).

As Wikia Search is only in its first alpha release, we cannot expect super quality finding (as mentioned). However, it will be interesting to see in 6 months time how it performs compared to Holy Google :)

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