Sunday, January 13

Webnode - Create Your Own Website Easily For Free!

"Webnode is completely FREE. There is no catch."
(Haven't we heard that one before? If you tell us the catch we would trust you more!)

The webnode system is a free hosted tool (until when? Soon you will probably see different pricing packages for extra services and additional storage.) that completely manages your entire web project. Anyone, without any technical know-how, can create and manage their own little website (Something like Google Page, but perhaps a bit better. I need to explore both properly to have any serious opinion). There is no need to install anything on your computer or server. Everything is made available through your web browser. Webnode includes tools for website publishing (Webnode Builder), advanced website statistics (Webnode Statistics) and webmail (Webnode E-mail). By using Drag-and-Drop from the toolbar you can add new content such as polls, forums, articles, catalogues, widgets such as PayPal and much more. Webnode contains many cool templates, and you can even make your own.

The interface is pleasant and it seems easy-to-use, and you will probably be positively surprised with all the features and tools provided. Explore the demo site and judge for yourself.

As for me, I am looking forward to meet Stephen Downes for the first time tomorrow (and hopefully not the last!). He is conducting a 2-day 'e-Learning 2.0' workshop here in Malaysia. Don't worry (and be happy!), I will be posting all the juice I learn from this projected amazing learning adventure (Coming soon!) :)

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