Tuesday, July 8

Infusing 21st Century Thinking Skills Into the T&L Environment

Now, I know 'The Secret', and by believing and practicing the 'LAW OF ATTRACTION', I will one day become the Einstein of the East (Hmm, I am kind of mixed, so that might be a problem)! I watched 'The Secret', and I have to admit that it is the most disappointing secret I have ever discovered. The opening was exciting, but the rest could have been summed up in a minute or two. I am not revealing the secret, but I can tell you that if you believe in it, it might come true.

Perhaps, if the movie had really discussed some of the great minds of the past, I would have appreciated it more. Instead, we are listening to a bunch of successful people sharing with us how the secret has changed their life (the Law of Attraction!).

Isn't it obvious (self-fulfilling prophecy?) that if you are positive, believe in yourself, have passion, visualize your dreams, go for it, etc., you are more likely to succeed (perhaps I come from Mars!). If you ask me, there was nothing new to discover in 'The Secret', except clever branding and promotion. It is probably the most exciting, clever and exotic branding since 'Blue Ocean'. The power of 'The Secret' is not in the law of attraction, but in the word: "SECRET". Everyone wants to know a secret. In short, every single motivational guru since I don't know when has indirectly promoted the so called secret, but has labeled it in a less exotic and mysterious way.

However, if it can help some of the millions of people that have watched it to achieve their dreams, then I suppose it has some value :)

Actually, the real reason I am writing now is not because of the secret, but because I want to share with you my presentation slides for a lecture that was never conducted. Roughly, a month ago I was invited to be a guest speaker at a major workshop (250 participants!) to conduct a lecture about 'Critical Thinking'. Due to some financial reasons, the workshop was postponed. And since then, I have never conducted this particular lecture. I suppose because no one else knew that I had prepared it. Or perhaps, because I am.... (Use the force! I mean the 'Law of Attraction')

Anyway, here are the presentation slides:

This lecture (or presentation slides) explores 21st century challenges and possibilities in infusing learning, thinking, creativity and innovation into the teaching and learning environment.

If the presentation slides do not make any sense, perhaps you can invite me to conduct the lecture wherever it may be (The first lecture most be conducted face-to-face. Why? I don't know!). Since I am in Malaysia, it might be costly if you want me to conduct the lecture in United States or Alaska. However, if you are Oprah Winfrey or Jay Leno I might consider doing it for free. Sorry David Letterman, for you I will not do it for free.

Now, you are perhaps thinking that I have gone POTTY! Nope, I am simply being positive and realistic about my prospects and practicing the law of attraction :)

On a serious note, after I conduct the first live lecture (if ever! Be positive!), I will record an e-lecture using Adobe Presenter to enlighten (who ever reads my blog!) what I am trying to reveal in the presentation slides.

Until the first live lecture, it will remain a secret. Just exploring the power of 'The Secret' :)

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