Friday, July 4

ZaidLearn's New Learning Space = Netvibes?

I have been kind of busy the last two weeks implementing a lot of work related e-learning crap, and sadly have found no time to sit down, reflect and write something that is even more crap :)

Hopefully, I can complete my 5-part learning series next week.

Though, I did manage to find an hour or two during this week to explore Netvibes, and to my surprise it was really fun. In short, Netvibes is a personal news aggregator with RSS and Atom support (That is how Google summarized it, or intelligently extracted it out).

If you ask me, Netvibes is user-friendly, useful, fast, feature-rich, flexible, cool, and you don't need any user guide to get some results (at least I didn't!). Now, that is the kind of tool I like!

However, I am still working on it, and hopefully next week I will add some more interesting content (Or RSS feeds) to my new learning space (and spice it up!). Just need to find the time!

CLICK HERE to view what I am babbling about, and find tons of interesting (free) learning content, tools, edugames and blogs in a stimualting manner. Information overload? It depends!

Hmm, I suppose I will also explore Pageflakes before I decide whether Netvibes is one of the right tools to manage my online learning adventure. I like Pageflakes's short description: "Social personalized homepage - the easiest way to read, see, discover and share your favorite things on the Web (another Google extract)."

Whether it is really the easiest tool enabling us to read, see, discover and share our favorite things on the Web, I really don't know. I suppose, we will have to explore it to find out! Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook (hmm, Bloglines and the rest of the RSS collection dudes are also in the game!) have their own tools to shout about. In short, we are kind of spoilt for choice. The question is not "Whether there is...", but "Which one should we...". So, we still have a headache :)

I suppose I will give you some updates regarding Pageflakes after completing the 5-part learning series.

Until then, have fun exploring ZaidLearn's New Learning Space :)

P.S. I had a few problems using Netvibes with Internet Explorer (IE), but it worked like a bull with Mozilla Firefox. Another reason for dumping IE!


TracyRosen said...

I like netvibes as well - though still need to play some more. I have a personal page that I have been using for quite a while now, and have just begun to play around with the public page.

I don't know many others who are using it yet. I have no netvibes friends ;)

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Dear Tracy Rosen,

Thanks for sharing your netvibes public page with us.

For the record, as of June 2007, they have over 10 million registered users and over 11,500 available feeds (

However, since we are in July 2008, you can imagine how many people that are using netvibes now.

Though, it would be interesting to now how many active users there are.

As for friends, I would not worry so much about gaining friends on Netvibes. I suppose most users are making friends using other applications, so why bother using Netvibes to do this.

Anyway, it is probably mostly used for managing our private page, and not the public page.

Hmm, I still do not have a private page :)

In short, we are too busy developing our own Netvibes to even consider fooling around with others (except to get a few ideas and resources).

At least we are friends now :)

Have a great day learning :)

Warm Regards,


Aparna said...

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