Friday, May 29

88 FREE EduGames & The Ultimate Post-Saving Puzzle!

Unless you can decode the following text, and figure out what it really says:


It is not sufficient to only guess or provide the correct answer; you also need to explain the decoding process, or how you got to the correct answer. In other words, to master the art of learning, it is not sufficient to know the answer only (which can be easily memorized! Ironically, understanding often not needed!), but we must also understand the process to getting the answer. By understanding the learning process, we can potentially apply what we have learned to other contexts, situations and scenarios.

Going further we should be able to reflect deeply what we have learned, and mash it up with other things we have learned to innovate/invent new stuff.

You might be thinking, who cares if this post (or message) faces total destruction, "why should I care!" True enough (you can find EduGame lists elsewhere). But wouldn't it be nice to figure out the correct answer. If you get it right (including the decoding process), I am confident Google or Microsoft job hunters out there will be interested know more about your amazing algorithmic decoding brain. Am I right, Hanson Toh (Malaysia's only Google Consultant)?

Anyway, the puzzle above is just some fun, before the real purpose of this post, which is....

to let you know that I have updated the Free EduGames list, and that you can access it by clicking here.

Since several sites out there are using the old link, I will keep that one updated instead of creating a new one. This makes whole lot sense, except for AdSense (which I don't use anyway)!

Have fun discovering a few EduGames that could spice up your learning and teaching environment :)

P.S. If you know of any other FREE EduGames that you think should be added to the list, please feel free to share. Finally, Hanson Toh, I am just poking you a bit, as I know you will be Google alerting your name :)


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