Sunday, May 31

The Best Free Learning Monitor!

'Free online learning experiences delivered to your inbox monthly!'

Do you want to receive a monthly digest of free and low-cost online courses, tutorials, videos, podcasts, games, and blogs?

YES! YES! YES! Let me repeat: YES!

The Free Learning Monitor newsletter compiled/synthesized/authored by Jeff Cobb does just that by providing regular monthly updates about free and low cost education opportunities available on the Web, and so much more.

In addition, Jeff Cobb runs:
  • The 'Mission to Learn' Blog - Postings 2-3 times per week on new learning resources, news, and insights about learning. Subscribe to the blog by RSS

  • Radio Free Learning - An occasional (aiming for one to two times per month) podcast in which he interviews thinkers and doers in the world of lifelong learning. Subscribe to the Radio Free Learning Podcast via RSS or with iTunes.

  • Mission to Learn on Twitter - a continuous stream of lifelong learning resources and updates on Twitter. Follow Mission to Learn on Twitter

Finally, you certainly don't want to miss his excellent easy-to-read/learn/digest Learning 2.0 eBook. WOW!

No need to reflect whether to subscribe or not, just do it (recommendation based on experiencing these newsletters since May 2008)! Seriously, one extra e-mail a month with tons of excellent free learning resources can't do any harm! Though, if you are stubborn and don't want to subscribe, at least enjoy reading the newsletters from the archives' section on his 'Mission to Learn' website.

Amazingly, based on interpreting Jeff Cobb's reflections (here and there!), the 'Free Learning Monitor' has yet to really hit off around the world. Well, with a bit of screaming out loud blog-to-blog, blog-to-twitter, twitter-to-twitter, and twitter-to-blog SWOOSH marketing that might change dramatically going into the newsletter's second year of existence.

Finally, Jeff Cobb I would recommend that you also innovate further and synthesize all the free learning resources shared on the newsletters into resource indexes (webpages) such as the ones you find on Jane Hart's amazing site (though a lot of commercial stuff, too. Not my cup of tea!). People love these 100+ resource lists. Not sure if they really explore the resources on them, but they surely bookmark and spread the news about them (which again increases traffic from Google).

Jeff Cobb's contribution to discovering and sharing (or referring/recommending) learning resources is simply breath-taking. Let's hope that more people around the world discover and enjoy his tremendous contributions. Besides hoping, let's promote his work, too! Twitter me this, and twitter me that, who is the best free learning monitor around?

I am still waiting for the one page 1000+ online resources mega index (with really juicy learning stuff). Perhaps you could be the first one :)


Jeff Cobb said...

Thanks so much for this post, Zaid! And you are right to suggest that I should "also innovate further and synthesize ..." The archives were a first move in this direction, but I will be moving further in that direction (slowly, slowly!) I like the idea of an e-mail digest - perhaps more than I should - but I do plan to get more of this into a good Web-form. Maybe I will just start release an RSS feed for it soon. Pondering....

Thanks again! And keep up the fantastic work here at ZaidLearn - one of my frequent sources of inspiration! - Jeff

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Dear Jeff Cobb,

Thanks for your thank you and feedback :)

The e-mail digest is wonderful and a must I think :)

But synthesizing your amazing collections here and there into web lists or indexes will add further value to the reader. Having both mentioned above with Twitter streams of your discoveries (RSS feed already), or use delicious to tag the stuff (another potential RSS stream of juice).

Tag all the stuff with delicious and then us TwitterFeed to feed your Twitter, and you have smacked 2 in one.

Whatever you do, I am looking forward to discover and learn from you :)

Have a great week discovering and learning :)

Warm Regards,


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Nathanial said...

I will be moving further in that direction. I like the idea of an e-mail digest...

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