Thursday, May 5

In Awe of Mum's Shimmering Realities!

WOW! Mum (Nadia Alsagoff), I have to admit I am totally struck by your 'Shimmering Realities' collection! As a result, I want to dedicate this post to my Mum who has inspired me to appreciate art through her passionate lifelong journey as an artist.

Although, I am not the kind of person that would spend hours in an art gallery, I do appreciate and understand the kind of work and challenges so many artists have to go through in life. Being an artist sounds great and fun, but making a living as an artist is certainly not an easy task.

My Mum retired late last year from her day-to-day work, and has now more time to dedicate to her lifelong passion. Over the last decade or so, most of my Mum's work has been expressed in the form of abstract art, but recently she has rediscovered her passion to paint animals and nature.

Actually, this has surprised me, because her eyesight is not exactly great (and has certainly not improved over the years). Also, I am not sure how effective her current glasses are either. I can still remember an incident a few years back, when she walked head on into a street light. Another time, when I was a kid, she walked straight past me on the street without recognizing me.

Though, she could have been day dreaming on both occasions. I remember once, I cut my lip walking past a statue. It was night time, and I didn't notice that the statue or man was pointing his arm and finger towards my direction. I suppose we both are a bit clumsy (understatement)! Or perhaps it is an inherited ability to 'day dream' in potentially dangerous situations.

So, what I am really trying to say is that I am amazed and in awe that she can still paint such amazing paintings of realism. Alright, I will stop writing now, and share with you five gems from this 'Shimmering Realities' collection:

I especially love the Cheetah one. The Cheetah's eyes (of curiosity) and facial expression leaves us to our imagination to figure out its' real intention (Yummy!).

Interestingly, Mum has used Facebook to share her latest art, though it is only viewable to her friends (if I am not mistaken). Click here to check (if you are interested to discover more of her work)!

Hopefully, you enjoyed Mum's paintings, I certainly did. Thank you!

Mum, you are AMAZING in so many ways :)

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